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Bus Stop Suite

Bus Stop Suite is a sound piece based on field recordings made in Newcastle upon Tyne, 2009: at my bus stop on Shields Road and on Charlotte Square in the City Centre. The field_recordings have been edited into a three part suite of sound arrangements, and were originally intended for Radiospotting, a public art project in Linz, Austria.

A re-edited version was printed as a 10 " vinyl dubplate (edition of 3) with the recording on one side. Each is packaged in a clear protective PVC sleeve. Cut out cover elements with signature, number and date.


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  1. Bus Stop Suite




For each purchase, 320 b/r mp3-versions will be sent on demand.

PRICE: €77 plus postage

please purchase using BANDCAMP HERE or ODER direkt DIREKT HIER



Vinyl 10 inch Dubplate

Bus Stop Suite, Edition of 3, dubplate with hand made cover elements, 2009





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